xASTNN: Improved Code Representations for Industrial Practice

by   Zhiwei Xu, et al.

The application of deep learning techniques in software engineering becomes increasingly popular. One key problem is developing high-quality and easy-to-use source code representations for code-related tasks. The research community has acquired impressive results in recent years. However, due to the deployment difficulties and performance bottlenecks, seldom these approaches are applied to the industry. In this paper, we present xASTNN, an eXtreme Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)-based Neural Network for source code representation, aiming to push this technique to industrial practice. The proposed xASTNN has three advantages. First, xASTNN is completely based on widely-used ASTs and does not require complicated data pre-processing, making it applicable to various programming languages and practical scenarios. Second, three closely-related designs are proposed to guarantee the effectiveness of xASTNN, including statement subtree sequence for code naturalness, gated recursive unit for syntactical information, and gated recurrent unit for sequential information. Third, a dynamic batching algorithm is introduced to significantly reduce the time complexity of xASTNN. Two code comprehension downstream tasks, code classification and code clone detection, are adopted for evaluation. The results demonstrate that our xASTNN can improve the state-of-the-art while being faster than the baselines.


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