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Learning Common Rationale to Improve Self-Supervised Representation for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition Problems

Self-supervised learning (SSL) strategies have demonstrated remarkable p...

Meta Learning to Bridge Vision and Language Models for Multimodal Few-Shot Learning

Multimodal few-shot learning is challenging due to the large domain gap ...

Approaching an unknown communication system by latent space exploration and causal inference

This paper proposes a methodology for discovering meaningful properties ...

Implicit Neural Representations for Modeling of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Progression

Abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) are progressive dilatations of the abd...

Collage Diffusion

Text-conditional diffusion models generate high-quality, diverse images....

Are Models Trained on Indian Legal Data Fair?

Recent advances and applications of language technology and artificial i...

Can Fairness be Automated? Guidelines and Opportunities for Fairness-aware AutoML

The field of automated machine learning (AutoML) introduces techniques t...

TwERC: High Performance Ensembled Candidate Generation for Ads Recommendation at Twitter

Recommendation systems are a core feature of social media companies with...

Semantic segmentation of surgical hyperspectral images under geometric domain shifts

Robust semantic segmentation of intraoperative image data could pave the...