1-Bit Compressive Sensing for Efficient Federated Learning Over the Air

by   Xin Fan, et al.

For distributed learning among collaborative users, this paper develops and analyzes a communication-efficient scheme for federated learning (FL) over the air, which incorporates 1-bit compressive sensing (CS) into analog aggregation transmissions. To facilitate design parameter optimization, we theoretically analyze the efficacy of the proposed scheme by deriving a closed-form expression for the expected convergence rate of the FL over the air. Our theoretical results reveal the tradeoff between convergence performance and communication efficiency as a result of the aggregation errors caused by sparsification, dimension reduction, quantization, signal reconstruction and noise. Then, we formulate 1-bit CS based FL over the air as a joint optimization problem to mitigate the impact of these aggregation errors through joint optimal design of worker scheduling and power scaling policy. An enumeration-based method is proposed to solve this non-convex problem, which is optimal but becomes computationally infeasible as the number of devices increases. For scalable computing, we resort to the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) technique to develop an efficient implementation that is suitable for large-scale networks. Simulation results show that our proposed 1-bit CS based FL over the air achieves comparable performance to the ideal case where conventional FL without compression and quantification is applied over error-free aggregation, at much reduced communication overhead and transmission latency.


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