3D-Computer Animation for a Yoruba Native Folktale

by   Ibrahim Adeyanju, et al.

Computer graphics has wide range of applications which are implemented into computer animation, computer modeling among others. Since the invention of computer graphics researchers have not paid much of attentions toward the possibility of converting oral tales otherwise known as folktales into possible cartoon animated videos. This paper is based on how to develop cartoons of local folktales that will be of huge benefits to Nigerians. The activities were divided into 5 stages; analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation which involved various processes and use of various specialized software and hardware. After the implementation of this project, the video characteristics were evaluated using likert scale. Analysis of 30 user responses indicated that 17 users (56.7 percent) rated the image quality as excellent, the video and image synchronization was rated as excellent by 9 users (30 percent), the Background noise was rated excellent by 18 users (60 percent), the Character Impression was rated Excellent by 11 users (36.67 percent), the general assessment of the storyline was rated excellent by 17 users (56.7 percent), the video Impression was rated excellent by 11 users (36.67 percent) and the voice quality was rated by 10 users (33.33 percent) as excellent.


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