5G for the Factory of the Future: Wireless Communication in an Industrial Environment

by   Florian Voigtländer, et al.

In this paper, the application of 5G communication technology in an industrial environment is discussed. It acts as an enabler for the separation of sensors/actors and resources, like memory and computational power. 5G offers characteristics essential for the proposed approach like robustness, ultra-low latency, high data rates and massive number of devices. A demonstrator of a production line was used as an test environment for 5G in a real-world industrial application. A wide variety of heterogeneous sensor systems is used by a mobile robot platform. The collected data is transmitted via a 5G network to various Cloud systems. The product is treated as a cyber-physical system with a RFID tag in conjunction with the product memory system. The dynamic production flow approach is discussed centered around the robot which is used for transportation and inspection of products. This inspection is performed during the transportation and influences the production flow directly. This is desirable in the scope of Industry 4.0 to have an efficient production down to batch size 1.


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