A compact high-order gas-kinetic scheme on unstructured mesh for acoustic and shock wave computations

by   Fengxiang Zhao, et al.

In this paper an even higher-order compact GKS up to sixth order of accuracy will be constructed for the shock and acoustic wave computation on unstructured mesh. The compactness is defined by the physical domain of dependence for an unstructured triangular cell, which may involve the closest neighbors of neighboring cells. The compactness and high-order accuracy of the scheme are coming from the consistency between the high-order initial reconstruction and the high-order gas evolution model under GKS framework. The high-order evolution solution at a cell interface provides not only a time-accurate flux function, but also the time-evolving flow variables. Therefore, the cell-averaged flow variables and their gradients can be explicitly updated at the next time level from the moments of the same time-dependent gas distribution function. Based on the cell averages and cell-averaged derivatives, both linear and nonlinear high-order reconstruction can be obtained for macroscopic flow variables in the evaluation of local equilibrium and non-equilibrium states. The current nonlinear reconstruction is a combination of WENO and ENO methodology. The initial piecewise discontinuous reconstruction is used for the determination non-equilibrium state and an evolved smooth reconstruction for the equilibrium state. The evolution model in gas-kinetic scheme is based on a relaxation process from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state. The accuracy, efficiency, and robustness of the scheme have been validated. The main conclusion of the paper is that beyond the first-order Riemann solver, the use of high-order gas evolution model seems necessary in the development of high-order schemes.


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