A Flyweight CNN with Adaptive Decoder for Schistosoma mansoni Egg Detection

by   Leonardo de Melo Joao, et al.

Schistosomiasis mansoni is an endemic parasitic disease in more than seventy countries, whose diagnosis is commonly performed by visually counting the parasite eggs in microscopy images of fecal samples. State-of-the-art (SOTA) object detection algorithms are based on heavyweight neural networks, unsuitable for automating the diagnosis in the laboratory routine. We circumvent the problem by presenting a flyweight Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) that weighs thousands of times less than SOTA object detectors. The kernels in our approach are learned layer-by-layer from attention regions indicated by user-drawn scribbles on very few training images. Representative kernels are visually identified and selected to improve performance with reduced computational cost. Another innovation is a single-layer adaptive decoder whose convolutional weights are automatically defined for each image on-the-fly. The experiments show that our CNN can outperform three SOTA baselines according to five measures, being also suitable for CPU execution in the laboratory routine, processing approximately four images a second for each available thread.


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