A Prompt Log Analysis of Text-to-Image Generation Systems

by   Yutong Xie, et al.

Recent developments in large language models (LLM) and generative AI have unleashed the astonishing capabilities of text-to-image generation systems to synthesize high-quality images that are faithful to a given reference text, known as a "prompt". These systems have immediately received lots of attention from researchers, creators, and common users. Despite the plenty of efforts to improve the generative models, there is limited work on understanding the information needs of the users of these systems at scale. We conduct the first comprehensive analysis of large-scale prompt logs collected from multiple text-to-image generation systems. Our work is analogous to analyzing the query logs of Web search engines, a line of work that has made critical contributions to the glory of the Web search industry and research. Compared with Web search queries, text-to-image prompts are significantly longer, often organized into special structures that consist of the subject, form, and intent of the generation tasks and present unique categories of information needs. Users make more edits within creation sessions, which present remarkable exploratory patterns. There is also a considerable gap between the user-input prompts and the captions of the images included in the open training data of the generative models. Our findings provide concrete implications on how to improve text-to-image generation systems for creation purposes.


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