A Study On Data Augmentation In Voice Anti-Spoofing

by   Ariel Cohen, et al.

In this paper, we perform an in-depth study of how data augmentation techniques improve synthetic or spoofed audio detection. Specifically, we propose methods to deal with channel variability, different audio compressions, different band-widths, and unseen spoofing attacks, which have all been shown to significantly degrade the performance of audio-based systems and Anti-Spoofing systems. Our results are based on the ASVspoof 2021 challenge, in the Logical Access (LA) and Deep Fake (DF) categories. Our study is Data-Centric, meaning that the models are fixed and we significantly improve the results by making changes in the data. We introduce two forms of data augmentation - compression augmentation for the DF part, compression channel augmentation for the LA part. In addition, a new type of online data augmentation, SpecAverage, is introduced in which the audio features are masked with their average value in order to improve generalization. Furthermore, we introduce a Log spectrogram feature design that improved the results. Our best single system and fusion scheme both achieve state-of-the-art performance in the DF category, with an EER of 15.46 for the LA task reduced the best baseline EER by 50 Our techniques to deal with spoofed data from a wide variety of distributions can be replicated and can help anti-spoofing and speech-based systems enhance their results.


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