A Survey on Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis: Tasks, Methods, and Challenges

by   Wenxuan Zhang, et al.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

As an important fine-grained sentiment analysis problem, aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA), aiming to analyze and understand people's opinions at the aspect level, has been attracting considerable interest in the last decade. To handle ABSA in different scenarios, various tasks have been introduced for analyzing different sentiment elements and their relations, including the aspect term, aspect category, opinion term, and sentiment polarity. Unlike early ABSA works focusing on a single sentiment element, many compound ABSA tasks involving multiple elements have been studied in recent years for capturing more complete aspect-level sentiment information. However, a systematic review of various ABSA tasks and their corresponding solutions is still lacking, which we aim to fill in this survey. More specifically, we provide a new taxonomy for ABSA which organizes existing studies from the axes of concerned sentiment elements, with an emphasis on recent advances of compound ABSA tasks. From the perspective of solutions, we summarize the utilization of pre-trained language models for ABSA, which improved the performance of ABSA to a new stage. Besides, techniques for building more practical ABSA systems in cross-domain/lingual scenarios are discussed. Finally, we review some emerging topics and discuss some open challenges to outlook potential future directions of ABSA.


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