A variant of van Hoeij's algorithm to compute hypergeometric term solutions of holonomic recurrence equations

by   Bertrand Teguia Tabuguia, et al.

Linear homogeneous recurrence equations with polynomial coefficients are said to be holonomic. Such equations have been introduced in the last century for proving and discovering combinatorial and hypergeometric identities. Given a field K of characteristic zero, a term a(n) is called hypergeometric with respect to K, if the ratio a(n+1)/a(n) is a rational function over K. The solutions space of holonomic recurrence equations gained more interest in the 1990s from the well known Zeilberger's algorithm. In particular, algorithms computing the subspace of hypergeometric term solutions which covers polynomial, rational, and some algebraic solutions of these equations were investigated by Marko Petkovšek (1993) and Mark van Hoeij (1999). The algorithm proposed by the latter is characterized by a much better efficiency than that of the other; it computes, in Gamma representations, a basis of the subspace of hypergeometric term solutions of any given holonomic recurrence equation, and is considered as the current state of the art in this area. Mark van Hoeij implemented his algorithm in the Computer Algebra System (CAS) Maple through the command LREtools[hypergeomsols]. We propose a variant of van Hoeij's algorithm that performs the same efficiency and gives outputs in terms of factorials and shifted factorials, without considering certain recommendations of the original version. We have implementations of our algorithm for the CASs Maxima and Maple. Such an implementation is new for Maxima which is therefore used for general-purpose examples. Our Maxima code is currently available as a third-party package for Maxima. A comparison between van Hoeij's implementation and ours is presented for Maple 2020. It appears that both have the same efficiency, and moreover, for some particular cases, our code finds results where LREtools[hypergeomsols] fails.


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