ADAPTERMIX: Exploring the Efficacy of Mixture of Adapters for Low-Resource TTS Adaptation

by   Ambuj Mehrish, et al.
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Singapore University of Technology and Design

There are significant challenges for speaker adaptation in text-to-speech for languages that are not widely spoken or for speakers with accents or dialects that are not well-represented in the training data. To address this issue, we propose the use of the "mixture of adapters" method. This approach involves adding multiple adapters within a backbone-model layer to learn the unique characteristics of different speakers. Our approach outperforms the baseline, with a noticeable improvement of 5 using only one minute of data for each new speaker. Moreover, following the adapter paradigm, we fine-tune only the adapter parameters (11 model parameters). This is a significant achievement in parameter-efficient speaker adaptation, and one of the first models of its kind. Overall, our proposed approach offers a promising solution to the speech synthesis techniques, particularly for adapting to speakers from diverse backgrounds.


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