Adventurer's Treasure Hunt: A Transparent System for Visually Grounded Compositional Visual Question Answering based on Scene Graphs

by   Daniel Reich, et al.

With the expressed goal of improving system transparency and visual grounding in the reasoning process in VQA, we present a modular system for the task of compositional VQA based on scene graphs. Our system is called "Adventurer's Treasure Hunt" (or ATH), named after an analogy we draw between our model's search procedure for an answer and an adventurer's search for treasure. We developed ATH with three characteristic features in mind: 1. By design, ATH allows us to explicitly quantify the impact of each of the sub-components on overall VQA performance, as well as their performance on their individual sub-task. 2. By modeling the search task after a treasure hunt, ATH inherently produces an explicit, visually grounded inference path for the processed question. 3. ATH is the first GQA-trained VQA system that dynamically extracts answers by querying the visual knowledge base directly, instead of selecting one from a specially learned classifier's output distribution over a pre-fixed answer vocabulary. We report detailed results on all components and their contributions to overall VQA performance on the GQA dataset and show that ATH achieves the highest visual grounding score among all examined systems.


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