AERK: Aligned Entropic Reproducing Kernels through Continuous-time Quantum Walks

by   Lixin Cui, et al.

In this work, we develop an Aligned Entropic Reproducing Kernel (AERK) for graph classification. We commence by performing the Continuous-time Quantum Walk (CTQW) on each graph structure, and computing the Averaged Mixing Matrix (AMM) to describe how the CTQW visit all vertices from a starting vertex. More specifically, we show how this AMM matrix allows us to compute a quantum Shannon entropy for each vertex of a graph. For pairwise graphs, the proposed AERK kernel is defined by computing a reproducing kernel based similarity between the quantum Shannon entropies of their each pair of aligned vertices. The analysis of theoretical properties reveals that the proposed AERK kernel cannot only address the shortcoming of neglecting the structural correspondence information between graphs arising in most existing R-convolution graph kernels, but also overcome the problem of neglecting the structural differences between pairs of aligned vertices arising in existing vertex-based matching kernels. Moreover, unlike existing classical graph kernels that only focus on the global or local structural information of graphs, the proposed AERK kernel can simultaneously capture both global and local structural information through the quantum Shannon entropies, reflecting more precise kernel based similarity measures between pairs of graphs. The above theoretical properties explain the effectiveness of the proposed kernel. The experimental evaluation on standard graph datasets demonstrates that the proposed AERK kernel is able to outperform state-of-the-art graph kernels for graph classification tasks.


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