AIxArtist: A First-Person Tale of Interacting with Artificial Intelligence to Escape Creative Block

by   Makayla Lewis, et al.

The future of the arts and artificial intelligence (AI) is promising as technology advances. As the use of AI in design becomes more widespread, art practice may not be a human-only art form and could instead become a digitally integrated experience. With enhanced creativity and collaboration, arts and AI could work together towards creating artistic outputs that are visually appealing and meet the needs of the artist and viewer. While it is uncertain how far the integration will go, arts and AI will likely influence one another. This workshop pictorial puts forward first-person research that shares interactions between an HCI researcher and AI as they try to escape the creative block. The pictorial paper explores two questions: How can AI support artists' creativity, and what does it mean to be explainable in this context? HIs, ChatGPT and Midjourney were engaged; the result was a series of reflections that require further discussion and explorations in the XAIxArts community: Transparency of attribution, the creation process, ethics of asking, and inspiration vs copying.


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