Alchemy: A Quantum Chemistry Dataset for Benchmarking AI Models

by   Guangyong Chen, et al.
Tsinghua University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

We introduce a new molecular dataset, named Alchemy, for developing machine learning models useful in chemistry and material science. As of June 20th 2019, the dataset comprises of 12 quantum mechanical properties of 119,487 organic molecules with up to 14 heavy atoms, sampled from the GDB MedChem database. The Alchemy dataset expands the volume and diversity of existing molecular datasets. Our extensive benchmarks of the state-of-the-art graph neural network models on Alchemy clearly manifest the usefulness of new data in validating and developing machine learning models for chemistry and material science. We further launch a contest to attract attentions from researchers in the related fields. More details can be found on the contest website []. At the time of benchamrking experiment, we have generated 119,487 molecules in our Alchemy dataset. More molecular samples are generated since then. Hence, we provide a list of molecules used in the reported benchmarks.


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