An Evaluation of Recent Neural Sequence Tagging Models in Turkish Named Entity Recognition

by   Gizem Aras, et al.

Named entity recognition (NER) is an extensively studied task that extracts and classifies named entities in a text. NER is crucial not only in downstream language processing applications such as relation extraction and question answering but also in large scale big data operations such as real-time analysis of online digital media content. Recent research efforts on Turkish, a less studied language with morphologically rich nature, have demonstrated the effectiveness of neural architectures on well-formed texts and yielded state-of-the art results by formulating the task as a sequence tagging problem. In this work, we empirically investigate the use of recent neural architectures (Bidirectional long short-term memory and Transformer-based networks) proposed for Turkish NER tagging in the same setting. Our results demonstrate that transformer-based networks which can model long-range context overcome the limitations of BiLSTM networks where different input features at the character, subword, and word levels are utilized. We also propose a transformer-based network with a conditional random field (CRF) layer that leads to the state-of-the-art result (95.95% f-measure) on a common dataset. Our study contributes to the literature that quantifies the impact of transfer learning on processing morphologically rich languages.


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