An Integrated Approach for Improving Brand Consistency of Web Content: Modeling, Analysis and Recommendation

by   Soumyadeep Roy, et al.

A consumer-dependent (business-to-consumer) organization tends to present itself as possessing a set of human qualities, which is termed as the brand personality of the company. The perception is impressed upon the consumer through the content, be it in the form of advertisement, blogs or magazines, produced by the organization. A consistent brand will generate trust and retain customers over time as they develop an affinity towards regularity and common patterns. However, maintaining a consistent messaging tone for a brand has become more challenging with the virtual explosion in the amount of content which needs to be authored and pushed to the Internet to maintain an edge in the era of digital marketing. To understand the depth of the problem, we collect around 300K web page content from around 650 companies. We develop trait-specific classification models by considering the linguistic features of the content. The classifier automatically identifies the web articles which are not consistent with the mission and vision of a company and further helps us to discover the conditions under which the consistency cannot be maintained. To address the brand inconsistency issue, we then develop a sentence ranking system that outputs the top three sentences that need to be changed for making a web article more consistent with the company's brand personality.


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