An Intelligent Group Event Recommendation System in Social networks

by   Guoqiong Liao, et al.

The importance of contexts has been widely recognized in recommender systems for individuals. However, most existing group recommendation models in Event-Based Social Networks (EBSNs) focus on how to aggregate group members' preferences to form group preferences. In these models, the influence of contexts on groups is considered but simply defined in a manual way, which cannot model the complex and deep interactions between contexts and groups. In this paper, we propose an Attention-based Context-aware Group Event Recommendation model (ACGER) in EBSNs. ACGER models the deep, non-linear influence of contexts on users, groups, and events through multi-layer neural networks. Especially, a novel attention mechanism is designed to enable the influence weights of contexts on users/groups change dynamically with the events concerned. Considering that groups may have completely different behavior patterns from group members, we propose that the preference of a group need to be obtained from indirect and direct perspectives (called indirect preference and direct preference respectively). In order to obtain the indirect preference, we propose a method of aggregating preferences based on attention mechanism. Compared with existing predefined strategies, this method can flexibly adapt the strategy according to the events concerned by the group. In order to obtain the direct preference, we employ neural networks to directly learn it from group-event interactions. Furthermore, to make full use of rich user-event interactions in EBSNs, we integrate the context-aware individual recommendation task into ACGER, which enhances the accuracy of learning of user embeddings and event embeddings. Extensive experiments on two real datasets from Meetup show that our model ACGER significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art models.


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