An Object SLAM Framework for Association, Mapping, and High-Level Tasks

by   Yanmin Wu, et al.

Object SLAM is considered increasingly significant for robot high-level perception and decision-making. Existing studies fall short in terms of data association, object representation, and semantic mapping and frequently rely on additional assumptions, limiting their performance. In this paper, we present a comprehensive object SLAM framework that focuses on object-based perception and object-oriented robot tasks. First, we propose an ensemble data association approach for associating objects in complicated conditions by incorporating parametric and nonparametric statistic testing. In addition, we suggest an outlier-robust centroid and scale estimation algorithm for modeling objects based on the iForest and line alignment. Then a lightweight and object-oriented map is represented by estimated general object models. Taking into consideration the semantic invariance of objects, we convert the object map to a topological map to provide semantic descriptors to enable multi-map matching. Finally, we suggest an object-driven active exploration strategy to achieve autonomous mapping in the grasping scenario. A range of public datasets and real-world results in mapping, augmented reality, scene matching, relocalization, and robotic manipulation have been used to evaluate the proposed object SLAM framework for its efficient performance.


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