Assessing Discourse Relations in Language Generationfrom Pre-trained Language Models

by   Wei-Jen Ko, et al.
The University of Texas at Austin

Recent advances in NLP have been attributed to the emergence of large-scale pre-trained language models. GPT-2, in particular, is suited for generation tasks given its left-to-right language modeling objective, yet the linguistic quality of its generated text has largely remain unexplored. Our work takes a step in understanding GPT-2's outputs in terms of discourse coherence. We perform a comprehensive study on the validity of explicit discourse relations in GPT-2's outputs under both organic generation and fine-tuned scenarios. Results show GPT-2 does not always generate text containing valid discourse relations; nevertheless, its text is more aligned with human expectation in the fine-tuned scenario. We propose a decoupled strategy to mitigate these problems and highlight the importance of explicitly modeling discourse information.


Assessing Discourse Relations in Language Generation from Pre-trained Language Models

Recent advances in NLP have been attributed to the emergence of large-sc...

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