BadPrompt: Backdoor Attacks on Continuous Prompts

by   Xiangrui Cai, et al.

The prompt-based learning paradigm has gained much research attention recently. It has achieved state-of-the-art performance on several NLP tasks, especially in the few-shot scenarios. While steering the downstream tasks, few works have been reported to investigate the security problems of the prompt-based models. In this paper, we conduct the first study on the vulnerability of the continuous prompt learning algorithm to backdoor attacks. We observe that the few-shot scenarios have posed a great challenge to backdoor attacks on the prompt-based models, limiting the usability of existing NLP backdoor methods. To address this challenge, we propose BadPrompt, a lightweight and task-adaptive algorithm, to backdoor attack continuous prompts. Specially, BadPrompt first generates candidate triggers which are indicative for predicting the targeted label and dissimilar to the samples of the non-targeted labels. Then, it automatically selects the most effective and invisible trigger for each sample with an adaptive trigger optimization algorithm. We evaluate the performance of BadPrompt on five datasets and two continuous prompt models. The results exhibit the abilities of BadPrompt to effectively attack continuous prompts while maintaining high performance on the clean test sets, outperforming the baseline models by a large margin. The source code of BadPrompt is publicly available at


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