Bayes-Factor-VAE: Hierarchical Bayesian Deep Auto-Encoder Models for Factor Disentanglement

by   Minyoung Kim, et al.

We propose a family of novel hierarchical Bayesian deep auto-encoder models capable of identifying disentangled factors of variability in data. While many recent attempts at factor disentanglement have focused on sophisticated learning objectives within the VAE framework, their choice of a standard normal as the latent factor prior is both suboptimal and detrimental to performance. Our key observation is that the disentangled latent variables responsible for major sources of variability, the relevant factors, can be more appropriately modeled using long-tail distributions. The typical Gaussian priors are, on the other hand, better suited for modeling of nuisance factors. Motivated by this, we extend the VAE to a hierarchical Bayesian model by introducing hyper-priors on the variances of Gaussian latent priors, mimicking an infinite mixture, while maintaining tractable learning and inference of the traditional VAEs. This analysis signifies the importance of partitioning and treating in a different manner the latent dimensions corresponding to relevant factors and nuisances. Our proposed models, dubbed Bayes-Factor-VAEs, are shown to outperform existing methods both quantitatively and qualitatively in terms of latent disentanglement across several challenging benchmark tasks.


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