Bayesian Optimization with Directionally Constrained Search

by   Yang Li, et al.

Bayesian optimization offers a flexible framework to optimize an objective function that is expensive to be evaluated. A Bayesian optimizer iteratively queries the function values on its carefully selected points. Subsequently, it makes a sensible recommendation about where the optimum locates based on its accumulated knowledge. This procedure usually demands a long execution time. In practice, however, there often exists a computational budget or an evaluation limitation allocated to an optimizer, due to the resource scarcity. This constraint demands an optimizer to be aware of its remaining budget and able to spend it wisely, in order to return as better a point as possible. In this paper, we propose a Bayesian optimization approach in this evaluation-limited scenario. Our approach is based on constraining searching directions so as to dedicate the model capability to the most promising area. It could be viewed as a combination of local and global searching policies, which aims at reducing inefficient exploration in the local searching areas, thus making a searching policy more efficient. Experimental studies are conducted on both synthetic and real-world applications. The results demonstrate the superior performance of our newly proposed approach in searching for the optimum within a prescribed evaluation budget.


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