Beryllium: Neural Search for Algorithm Implementations

by   Adithya Kulkarni, et al.

In this paper, we explore the feasibility of finding algorithm implementations from code. Successfully matching code and algorithms can help understand unknown code, provide reference implementations, and automatically collect data for learning-based program synthesis. To achieve the goal, we designed a new language named p-language to specify the algorithms and a static analyzer for the p-language to automatically extract control flow, math, and natural language information from the algorithm descriptions. We embedded the output of p-language (p-code) and source code in a common vector space using self-supervised machine learning methods to match algorithm with code without any manual annotation. We developed a tool named Beryllium. It takes pseudo code as a query and returns a list of ranked code snippets that likely match the algorithm query. Our evaluation on Stony Brook Algorithm Repository and popular GitHub projects show that Beryllium significantly outperformed the state-of-the-art code search tools in both C and Java. Specifically, for 98.5 93.8 10, and 1 ranked list, respectively. Given 87 algorithm queries, we found implementations for 74 algorithms in the GitHub projects where we did not know the algorithms before.


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