Beyond Disentangled Representations: An Attentive Angular Distillation Approach to Large-scale Lightweight Age-Invariant Face Recognition

by   Thanh-Dat Truong, et al.

Disentangled representations have been commonly adopted to Age-invariant Face Recognition (AiFR) tasks. However, these methods have reached some limitations with (1) the requirement of large-scale face recognition (FR) training data with age labels, which is limited in practice; (2) heavy deep network architecture for high performance; and (3) their evaluations are usually taken place on age-related face databases while neglecting the standard large-scale FR databases to guarantee its robustness. This work presents a novel Attentive Angular Distillation (AAD) approach to Large-scale Lightweight AiFR that overcomes these limitations. Given two high-performance heavy networks as teachers with different specialized knowledge, AAD introduces a learning paradigm to efficiently distill the age-invariant attentive and angular knowledge from those teachers to a lightweight student network making it more powerful with higher FR accuracy and robust against age factor. Consequently, AAD approach is able to take the advantages of both FR datasets with and without age labels to train an AiFR model. Far apart from prior distillation methods mainly focusing on accuracy and compression ratios in closed-set problems, our AAD aims to solve the open-set problem, i.e. large-scale face recognition. Evaluations on LFW, IJB-B and IJB-C Janus, AgeDB and MegaFace-FGNet with one million distractors have demonstrated the efficiency of the proposed approach. This work also presents a new longitudinal face aging (LogiFace) database for further studies in age-related facial problems in future.


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