Bidirectional Generative Framework for Cross-domain Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

by   Yue Deng, et al.
Alibaba Group
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Cross-domain aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) aims to perform various fine-grained sentiment analysis tasks on a target domain by transferring knowledge from a source domain. Since labeled data only exists in the source domain, a model is expected to bridge the domain gap for tackling cross-domain ABSA. Though domain adaptation methods have proven to be effective, most of them are based on a discriminative model, which needs to be specifically designed for different ABSA tasks. To offer a more general solution, we propose a unified bidirectional generative framework to tackle various cross-domain ABSA tasks. Specifically, our framework trains a generative model in both text-to-label and label-to-text directions. The former transforms each task into a unified format to learn domain-agnostic features, and the latter generates natural sentences from noisy labels for data augmentation, with which a more accurate model can be trained. To investigate the effectiveness and generality of our framework, we conduct extensive experiments on four cross-domain ABSA tasks and present new state-of-the-art results on all tasks. Our data and code are publicly available at <>.


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