Boosting Crop Classification by Hierarchically Fusing Satellite, Rotational, and Contextual Data

by   Barriere Valentin, et al.

Accurate in-season crop type classification is crucial for the crop production estimation and monitoring of agricultural parcels. However, the complexity of the plant growth patterns and their spatio-temporal variability present significant challenges. While current deep learning-based methods show promise in crop type classification from single- and multi-modal time series, most existing methods rely on a single modality, such as satellite optical remote sensing data or crop rotation patterns. We propose a novel approach to fuse multimodal information into a model for improved accuracy and robustness across multiple years and countries. The approach relies on three modalities used: remote sensing time series from Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 observations, parcel crop rotation and local crop distribution. To evaluate our approach, we release a new annotated dataset of 7.4 million agricultural parcels in France and Netherlands. We associate each parcel with time-series of surface reflectance (Red and NIR) and biophysical variables (LAI, FAPAR). Additionally, we propose a new approach to automatically aggregate crop types into a hierarchical class structure for meaningful model evaluation and a novel data-augmentation technique for early-season classification. Performance of the multimodal approach was assessed at different aggregation level in the semantic domain spanning from 151 to 8 crop types or groups. It resulted in accuracy ranging from 91% to 95% for NL dataset and from 85% to 89% for FR dataset. Pre-training on a dataset improves domain adaptation between countries, allowing for cross-domain zero-shot learning, and robustness of the performances in a few-shot setting from France to Netherlands. Our proposed approach outperforms comparable methods by enabling learning methods to use the often overlooked spatio-temporal context of parcels, resulting in increased preci...


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