Boosting Span-based Joint Entity and Relation Extraction via Squence Tagging Mechanism

by   Bin Ji, et al.

Span-based joint extraction simultaneously conducts named entity recognition (NER) and relation extraction (RE) in text span form. Recent studies have shown that token labels can convey crucial task-specific information and enrich token semantics. However, as far as we know, due to completely abstain from sequence tagging mechanism, all prior span-based work fails to use token label in-formation. To solve this problem, we pro-pose Sequence Tagging enhanced Span-based Network (STSN), a span-based joint extrac-tion network that is enhanced by token BIO label information derived from sequence tag-ging based NER. By stacking multiple atten-tion layers in depth, we design a deep neu-ral architecture to build STSN, and each atten-tion layer consists of three basic attention units. The deep neural architecture first learns seman-tic representations for token labels and span-based joint extraction, and then constructs in-formation interactions between them, which also realizes bidirectional information interac-tions between span-based NER and RE. Fur-thermore, we extend the BIO tagging scheme to make STSN can extract overlapping en-tity. Experiments on three benchmark datasets show that our model consistently outperforms previous optimal models by a large margin, creating new state-of-the-art results.


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