BrainPainter: A software for the visualisation of brain structures, biomarkers and associated pathological processes

by   Razvan V. Marinescu, et al.

We present BrainPainter, a software that automatically generates images of highlighted brain structures given a simple list of numbers corresponding to the output colours of each region. Compared to existing visualisation software (e.g. Freesurfer, SPM, 3d slicer), our software has three key advantages: (1) it does not require the input data to be in a specialised format, allowing it to be used in combination with any neuroimaging analsys tools, (2) it can visualise subcortical structures and (3) it can be used to generate movies showing dynamic processes, e.g. propagation of pathology on the brain, without requiring the user to write additional software code. We highlight three demonstrations of BrainPainter in existing scientific studies: visualisation of (1) the extent of atrophy through interpolation along a user-defined gradient of colours, as well as (2-3) progression of pathology in cortical and subcortical regions through snapshots. BrainPainter is available online: <>. It is customisable, easy to use, and requires no installation, as it is distributed in a docker container.


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