Bridge Damage Detection using a Single-Stage Detector and Field Inspection Images

by   Chaobo Zhang, et al.

Detecting concrete surface damages is a vital task for maintaining the structural health and reliability of highway bridges. Currently, most of these tasks are conducted manually which could be cumbersome and time-consuming. Recent rapid advancement in convolution neural network has enabled the development of deep learning-based visual inspection techniques for detecting multiple structural damages. However, most deep learning-based techniques are built on two-stage, proposal-driven detectors and using less complex image data, which is not promising to promote practical applications and integration within intelligent autonomous inspection systems. In this study, a faster, simpler single-stage detector is proposed based on YOLOv3 for detecting multiple concrete damages of highway bridges. To realize this, a bridge damage dataset consisting of field inspection images is prepared. These images have large variations in damage appearance and monitoring scene and are labeled with four types of concrete damages: crack, pop-out, spalling and exposed rebar. The original YOLOv3 is further improved by introducing a novel transfer learning method, Batch Renormalization and Focal Loss. The improved YOLOv3 is evaluated in terms of average precision and speed. The results show that the improved YOLOv3 has a detection accuracy of up to 80 better than the original YOLOv3.


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Bridge Damage Detection using Single-Stage Detector and Field Inspection Images

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