BTLM-3B-8K: 7B Parameter Performance in a 3B Parameter Model

by   Nolan Dey, et al.

We introduce the Bittensor Language Model, called "BTLM-3B-8K", a new state-of-the-art 3 billion parameter open-source language model. BTLM-3B-8K was trained on 627B tokens from the SlimPajama dataset with a mixture of 2,048 and 8,192 context lengths. BTLM-3B-8K outperforms all existing 3B parameter models by 2-5.5 parameter models. Additionally, BTLM-3B-8K provides excellent long context performance, outperforming MPT-7B-8K and XGen-7B-8K on tasks up to 8,192 context length. We trained the model on a cleaned and deduplicated SlimPajama dataset; aggressively tuned the µP hyperparameters and schedule; used ALiBi position embeddings; and adopted the SwiGLU nonlinearity. On Hugging Face, the most popular models have 7B parameters, indicating that users prefer the quality-size ratio of 7B models. Compacting the 7B parameter model to one with 3B parameters, with little performance impact, is an important milestone. BTLM-3B-8K needs only 3GB of memory with 4-bit precision and takes 2.5x less inference compute than 7B models, helping to open up access to a powerful language model on mobile and edge devices. BTLM-3B-8K is available under an Apache 2.0 license on Hugging Face:


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