Building3D: An Urban-Scale Dataset and Benchmarks for Learning Roof Structures from Point Clouds

by   Ruisheng Wang, et al.

Urban modeling from LiDAR point clouds is an important topic in computer vision, computer graphics, photogrammetry and remote sensing. 3D city models have found a wide range of applications in smart cities, autonomous navigation, urban planning and mapping etc. However, existing datasets for 3D modeling mainly focus on common objects such as furniture or cars. Lack of building datasets has become a major obstacle for applying deep learning technology to specific domains such as urban modeling. In this paper, we present a urban-scale dataset consisting of more than 160 thousands buildings along with corresponding point clouds, mesh and wire-frame models, covering 16 cities in Estonia about 998 Km2. We extensively evaluate performance of state-of-the-art algorithms including handcrafted and deep feature based methods. Experimental results indicate that Building3D has challenges of high intra-class variance, data imbalance and large-scale noises. The Building3D is the first and largest urban-scale building modeling benchmark, allowing a comparison of supervised and self-supervised learning methods. We believe that our Building3D will facilitate future research on urban modeling, aerial path planning, mesh simplification, and semantic/part segmentation etc.


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