C2F-TCN: A Framework for Semi and Fully Supervised Temporal Action Segmentation

by   Dipika Singhania, et al.

Temporal action segmentation tags action labels for every frame in an input untrimmed video containing multiple actions in a sequence. For the task of temporal action segmentation, we propose an encoder-decoder-style architecture named C2F-TCN featuring a "coarse-to-fine" ensemble of decoder outputs. The C2F-TCN framework is enhanced with a novel model agnostic temporal feature augmentation strategy formed by the computationally inexpensive strategy of the stochastic max-pooling of segments. It produces more accurate and well-calibrated supervised results on three benchmark action segmentation datasets. We show that the architecture is flexible for both supervised and representation learning. In line with this, we present a novel unsupervised way to learn frame-wise representation from C2F-TCN. Our unsupervised learning approach hinges on the clustering capabilities of the input features and the formation of multi-resolution features from the decoder's implicit structure. Further, we provide the first semi-supervised temporal action segmentation results by merging representation learning with conventional supervised learning. Our semi-supervised learning scheme, called “Iterative-Contrastive-Classify (ICC)”, progressively improves in performance with more labeled data. The ICC semi-supervised learning in C2F-TCN, with 40 labeled videos, performs similar to fully supervised counterparts.


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