Caching at Base Stations with Multi-Cluster Multicast Wireless Backhaul via Accelerated First-Order Algorithm

by   Yang Li, et al.

Cloud radio access network (C-RAN) has been recognized as a promising architecture for next-generation wireless systems to blacksupport the rapidly increasing demand for higher data rate. However, the performance of C-RAN is limited by the backhaul capacities, especially for the wireless deployment. While C-RAN with fixed BS caching has been demonstrated to reduce backhaul consumption, it is more challenging to further optimize the cache allocation at BSs with multi-cluster multicast backhaul, where the inter-cluster interference induces additional non-convexity to the cache optimization problem. Despite the challenges, we propose an accelerated first-order algorithm, which achieves much higher content downloading sum-rate than a second-order algorithm running for the same amount of time. Simulation results demonstrate that, by simultaneously delivering the required contents to different multicast clusters, the proposed algorithm achieves significantly higher downloading sum-rate than those of time-division single-cluster transmission schemes. Moreover, it is found that the proposed algorithm allocates larger cache sizes to the farther BSs within the nearer clusters, which provides insight to the superiority of the proposed cache allocation.


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