CAMERA: A Method for Cost-aware, Adaptive, Multifidelity, Efficient Reliability Analysis

by   S. Ashwin Renganathan, et al.

Estimating probability of failure in aerospace systems is a critical requirement for flight certification and qualification. Failure probability estimation involves resolving tails of probability distribution, and Monte Carlo sampling methods are intractable when expensive high-fidelity simulations have to be queried. We propose a method to use models of multiple fidelities that trade accuracy for computational efficiency. Specifically, we propose the use of multifidelity Gaussian process models to efficiently fuse models at multiple fidelity, thereby offering a cheap surrogate model that emulates the original model at all fidelities. Furthermore, we propose a novel sequential acquisition function-based experiment design framework that can automatically select samples from appropriate fidelity models to make predictions about quantities of interest in the highest fidelity. We use our proposed approach in an importance sampling setting and demonstrate our method on the failure level set estimation and probability estimation on synthetic test functions as well as two real-world applications, namely, the reliability analysis of a gas turbine engine blade using a finite element method and a transonic aerodynamic wing test case using Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations. We demonstrate that our method predicts the failure boundary and probability more accurately and computationally efficiently while using varying fidelity models compared with using just a single expensive high-fidelity model.


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