Camera-Incremental Object Re-Identification with Identity Knowledge Evolution

by   Hantao Yao, et al.

Object Re-identification (ReID) aims to retrieve the probe object from many gallery images with the ReID model inferred based on a stationary camera-free dataset by associating and collecting the identities across all camera views. When deploying the ReID algorithm in real-world scenarios, the aspect of storage, privacy constraints, and dynamic changes of cameras would degrade its generalizability and applicability. Treating each camera's data independently, we introduce a novel ReID task named Camera-Incremental Object Re-identification (CIOR) by continually optimizing the ReID mode from the incoming stream of the camera dataset. Since the identities under different camera views might describe the same object, associating and distilling the knowledge of common identities would boost the discrimination and benefit from alleviating the catastrophic forgetting. In this paper, we propose a novel Identity Knowledge Evolution (IKE) framework for CIOR, consisting of the Identity Knowledge Association (IKA), Identity Knowledge Distillation (IKD), and Identity Knowledge Update (IKU). IKA is proposed to discover the common identities between the current identity and historical identities. IKD has applied to distillate historical identity knowledge from common identities and quickly adapt the historical model to the current camera view. After each camera has been trained, IKU is applied to continually expand the identity knowledge by combining the historical and current identity memories. The evaluation of Market-CL and Veri-CL shows the Identity Knowledge Evolution (IKE) effectiveness for CIOR. code:


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