Camera Travel for Immersive Colonography

by   Soraia F. Paulo, et al.

Immersive Colonography allows medical professionals to navigate inside the intricate tubular geometries of subject-specific 3D colon images using Virtual Reality displays. Typically, camera travel is performed via Fly-Through or Fly-Over techniques that enable semi-automatic traveling through a constrained, well-defined path at user controlled speeds. However, Fly-Through is known to limit the visibility of lesions located behind or inside haustral folds, while Fly-Over requires splitting the entire colon visualization into two specific halves. In this paper, we study the effect of immersive Fly-Through and Fly-Over techniques on lesion detection, and introduce a camera travel technique that maintains a fixed camera orientation throughout the entire medial axis path. While these techniques have been studied in non-VR desktop environments, their performance is yet not well understood in VR setups. We performed a comparative study to ascertain which camera travel technique is more appropriate for constrained path navigation in Immersive Colonography. To this end, we asked 18 participants to navigate inside a 3D colon to find specific marks. Our results suggest that the Fly-Over technique may lead to enhanced lesion detection at the cost of higher task completion times, while the Fly-Through method may offer a more balanced trade-off between both speed and effectiveness, whereas the fixed camera orientation technique provided seemingly inferior performance results. Our study further provides design guidelines and informs future work.


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