Challenges and Practices of Deep Learning Model Reengineering: A Case Study on Computer Vision

by   Wenxin Jiang, et al.

Many engineering organizations are reimplementing and extending deep neural networks from the research community. We describe this process as deep learning model reengineering. Deep learning model reengineering - reusing, reproducing, adapting, and enhancing state-of-the-art deep learning approaches - is challenging for reasons including under-documented reference models, changing requirements, and the cost of implementation and testing. In addition, individual engineers may lack expertise in software engineering, yet teams must apply knowledge of software engineering and deep learning to succeed. Prior work has examined on DL systems from a "product" view, examining defects from projects regardless of the engineers' purpose. Our study is focused on reengineering activities from a "process" view, and focuses on engineers specifically engaged in the reengineering process. Our goal is to understand the characteristics and challenges of deep learning model reengineering. We conducted a case study of this phenomenon, focusing on the context of computer vision. Our results draw from two data sources: defects reported in open-source reeengineering projects, and interviews conducted with open-source project contributors and the leaders of a reengineering team. Our results describe how deep learning-based computer vision techniques are reengineered, analyze the distribution of defects in this process, and discuss challenges and practices. Integrating our quantitative and qualitative data, we proposed a novel reengineering workflow. Our findings inform several future directions, including: measuring additional unknown aspects of model reengineering; standardizing engineering practices to facilitate reengineering; and developing tools to support model reengineering and model reuse.


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