CLIP-ReIdent: Contrastive Training for Player Re-Identification

by   Konrad Habel, et al.

Sports analytics benefits from recent advances in machine learning providing a competitive advantage for teams or individuals. One important task in this context is the performance measurement of individual players to provide reports and log files for subsequent analysis. During sport events like basketball, this involves the re-identification of players during a match either from multiple camera viewpoints or from a single camera viewpoint at different times. In this work, we investigate whether it is possible to transfer the out-standing zero-shot performance of pre-trained CLIP models to the domain of player re-identification. For this purpose we reformulate the contrastive language-to-image pre-training approach from CLIP to a contrastive image-to-image training approach using the InfoNCE loss as training objective. Unlike previous work, our approach is entirely class-agnostic and benefits from large-scale pre-training. With a fine-tuned CLIP ViT-L/14 model we achieve 98.44 Furthermore we show that the CLIP Vision Transformers have already strong OCR capabilities to identify useful player features like shirt numbers in a zero-shot manner without any fine-tuning on the dataset. By applying the Score-CAM algorithm we visualise the most important image regions that our fine-tuned model identifies when calculating the similarity score between two images of a player.


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