Cloud-Edge Coordinated Processing: Low-Latency Multicasting Transmission

by   Shiwen He, et al.

Recently, edge caching and multicasting arise as two promising technologies to support high-data-rate and low-latency delivery in wireless communication networks. In this paper, we design three transmission schemes aiming to minimize the delivery latency for cache-enabled multigroup multicasting networks. In particular, full caching bulk transmission scheme is first designed as a performance benchmark for the ideal situation where the caching capability of each enhanced remote radio head (eRRH) is sufficient large to cache all files. For the practical situation where the caching capability of each eRRH is limited, we further design two transmission schemes, namely partial caching bulk transmission (PCBT) and partial caching pipelined transmission (PCPT) schemes. In the PCBT scheme, eRRHs first fetch the uncached requested files from the baseband unit (BBU) and then all requested files are simultaneously transmitted to the users. In the PCPT scheme, eRRHs first transmit the cached requested files while fetching the uncached requested files from the BBU. Then, the remaining cached requested files and fetched uncached requested files are simultaneously transmitted to the users. The design goal of the three transmission schemes is to minimize the delivery latency, subject to some practical constraints. Efficient algorithms are developed for the low-latency cloud-edge coordinated transmission strategies. Numerical results are provided to evaluate the performance of the proposed transmission schemes and show that the PCPT scheme outperforms the PCBT scheme in terms of the delivery latency criterion.


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