Conditional DETR V2: Efficient Detection Transformer with Box Queries

by   Xiaokang Chen, et al.

In this paper, we are interested in Detection Transformer (DETR), an end-to-end object detection approach based on a transformer encoder-decoder architecture without hand-crafted postprocessing, such as NMS. Inspired by Conditional DETR, an improved DETR with fast training convergence, that presented box queries (originally called spatial queries) for internal decoder layers, we reformulate the object query into the format of the box query that is a composition of the embeddings of the reference point and the transformation of the box with respect to the reference point. This reformulation indicates the connection between the object query in DETR and the anchor box that is widely studied in Faster R-CNN. Furthermore, we learn the box queries from the image content, further improving the detection quality of Conditional DETR still with fast training convergence. In addition, we adopt the idea of axial self-attention to save the memory cost and accelerate the encoder. The resulting detector, called Conditional DETR V2, achieves better results than Conditional DETR, saves the memory cost and runs more efficiently. For example, for the DC5-ResNet-50 backbone, our approach achieves 44.8 AP with 16.4 FPS on the COCO val set and compared to Conditional DETR, it runs 1.6× faster, saves 74% of the overall memory cost, and improves 1.0 AP score.


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