Considering Human Factors in Risk Maps for Robust and Foresighted Driver Warning

by   Tim Puphal, et al.

Driver support systems that include human states in the support process is an active research field. Many recent approaches allow, for example, to sense the driver's drowsiness or awareness of the driving situation. However, so far, this rich information has not been utilized much for improving the effectiveness of support systems. In this paper, we therefore propose a warning system that uses human states in the form of driver errors and can warn users in some cases of upcoming risks several seconds earlier than the state of the art systems not considering human factors. The system consists of a behavior planner Risk Maps which directly changes its prediction of the surrounding driving situation based on the sensed driver errors. By checking if this driver's behavior plan is objectively safe, a more robust and foresighted driver warning is achieved. In different simulations of a dynamic lane change and intersection scenarios, we show how the driver's behavior plan can become unsafe, given the estimate of driver errors, and experimentally validate the advantages of considering human factors.


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