COURIER: Contrastive User Intention Reconstruction for Large-Scale Pre-Train of Image Features

by   Jia-Qi Yang, et al.

With the development of the multi-media internet, visual characteristics have become an important factor affecting user interests. Thus, incorporating visual features is a promising direction for further performance improvements in click-through rate (CTR) prediction. However, we found that simply injecting the image embeddings trained with established pre-training methods only has marginal improvements. We attribute the failure to two reasons: First, The pre-training methods are designed for well-defined computer vision tasks concentrating on semantic features, and they cannot learn personalized interest in recommendations. Secondly, pre-trained image embeddings only containing semantic information have little information gain, considering we already have semantic features such as categories and item titles as inputs in the CTR prediction task. We argue that a pre-training method tailored for recommendation is necessary for further improvements. To this end, we propose a recommendation-aware image pre-training method that can learn visual features from user click histories. Specifically, we propose a user interest reconstruction module to mine visual features related to user interests from behavior histories. We further propose a contrastive training method to avoid collapsing of embedding vectors. We conduct extensive experiments to verify that our method can learn users' visual interests, and our method achieves 0.46% improvement in offline AUC and 0.88% improvement in Taobao online GMV with p-value<0.01.


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