DeAR: A Deep-learning-based Audio Re-recording Resilient Watermarking

by   Chang Liu, et al.

Audio watermarking is widely used for leaking source tracing. The robustness of the watermark determines the traceability of the algorithm. With the development of digital technology, audio re-recording (AR) has become an efficient and covert means to steal secrets. AR process could drastically destroy the watermark signal while preserving the original information. This puts forward a new requirement for audio watermarking at this stage, that is, to be robust to AR distortions. Unfortunately, none of the existing algorithms can effectively resist AR attacks due to the complexity of the AR process. To address this limitation, this paper proposes DeAR, a deep-learning-based audio re-recording resistant watermarking. Inspired by DNN-based image watermarking, we pioneer a deep learning framework for audio carriers, based on which the watermark signal can be effectively embedded and extracted. Meanwhile, in order to resist the AR attack, we delicately analyze the distortions that occurred in the AR process and design the corresponding distortion layer to cooperate with the proposed watermarking framework. Extensive experiments show that the proposed algorithm can resist not only common electronic channel distortions but also AR distortions. Under the premise of high-quality embedding (SNR=25.86dB), in the case of a common re-recording distance (20cm), the algorithm can effectively achieve an average bit recovery accuracy of 98.55


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