Demystifying Visual Features of Movie Posters for Multi-Label Genre Identification

by   Utsav Kumar Nareti, et al.

In the film industry, movie posters have been an essential part of advertising and marketing for many decades, and continue to play a vital role even today in the form of digital posters through online, social media and OTT platforms. Typically, movie posters can effectively promote and communicate the essence of a film, such as its genre, visual style/ tone, vibe and storyline cue/ theme, which are essential to attract potential viewers. Identifying the genres of a movie often has significant practical applications in recommending the film to target audiences. Previous studies on movie genre identification are limited to subtitles, plot synopses, and movie scenes that are mostly accessible after the movie release. Posters usually contain pre-release implicit information to generate mass interest. In this paper, we work for automated multi-label genre identification only from movie poster images, without any aid of additional textual/meta-data information about movies, which is one of the earliest attempts of its kind. Here, we present a deep transformer network with a probabilistic module to identify the movie genres exclusively from the poster. For experimental analysis, we procured 13882 number of posters of 13 genres from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), where our model performances were encouraging and even outperformed some major contemporary architectures.


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