Design and optimization of brake disc using Multi-Objective genetic algorithm

by   Swapnil Kumar, et al.

Design calculation and analysis have been performed for the brake disc along with the design calculations for the brake caliper for the system optimization, and design of experiments have been implemented for the brake disc in order to optimize the performance of the braking system. Ventilated disc brake with an outer diameter of 175 mm has been used for the system level analysis and 83 performance efficiency has been achieved after all the proper validations and analysis. Stainless Steel (SS-410) material configuration has been considered for the disc brake and performance enhancement of ventilated disc brake has been carried out using Matlab, Ansys, and Solidworks. The brake disc is going to be deployed as a common brake disc in the rear part of the All-terrain vehicle, and is responsible for providing effective rear wheel locking, and piaggio double piston fixed calipers have satisfied the piston diameter for the wheel locking conditions at rear wheels with DOT-4 Brake fluid in the master cylinder in order to provide the effective braking. The rear disc brake is fixed on the gearbox output shaft and a caliper mount is welded on a rear member of the roll cage. A mathematical model has been formulated for carrying out Multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization, which has resulted, a newly designed brake disc is optimum in terms of weight, factor of safety, thermal dissipation, equivalent stress, vibration with enhanced airflow behavior. Converged residual plots have been obtained in computational fluid dynamics simulation by using 2nd-degree order to validate the CFD models, and in order to meet the frequency of rear disc brake to firing frequency of engine, design constraints of the brake disc have been optimized in terms of vibration along with considering the other parameters.


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