Detecting key Soccer match events to create highlights using Computer Vision

by   Narayana Darapaneni, et al.

The research and data science community has been fascinated with the development of automatic systems for the detection of key events in a video. Special attention in this field is given to sports video analytics which could help in identifying key events during a match and help in preparing a strategy for the games going forward. For this paper, we have chosen Football (soccer) as a sport where we would want to create highlights for a given match video, through a computer vision model that aims to identify important events in a Soccer match to create highlights of the match. We built the models based on Faster RCNN and YoloV5 architectures and noticed that for the amount of data we used for training Faster RCNN did better than YoloV5 in detecting the events in the match though it was much slower. Within Faster RCNN using ResNet50 as a base model gave a better class accuracy of 95.5 as base model completely outperforming YoloV5 for our training dataset. We tested with an original video of size 23 minutes and our model could reduce it to 4:50 minutes of highlights capturing almost all important events in the match.


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