DiffGAR: Model-Agnostic Restoration from Generative Artifacts Using Image-to-Image Diffusion Models

by   Yueqin Yin, et al.

Recent generative models show impressive results in photo-realistic image generation. However, artifacts often inevitably appear in the generated results, leading to downgraded user experience and reduced performance in downstream tasks. This work aims to develop a plugin post-processing module for diverse generative models, which can faithfully restore images from diverse generative artifacts. This is challenging because: (1) Unlike traditional degradation patterns, generative artifacts are non-linear and the transformation function is highly complex. (2) There are no readily available artifact-image pairs. (3) Different from model-specific anti-artifact methods, a model-agnostic framework views the generator as a black-box machine and has no access to the architecture details. In this work, we first design a group of mechanisms to simulate generative artifacts of popular generators (i.e., GANs, autoregressive models, and diffusion models), given real images. Second, we implement the model-agnostic anti-artifact framework as an image-to-image diffusion model, due to its advantage in generation quality and capacity. Finally, we design a conditioning scheme for the diffusion model to enable both blind and non-blind image restoration. A guidance parameter is also introduced to allow for a trade-off between restoration accuracy and image quality. Extensive experiments show that our method significantly outperforms previous approaches on the proposed datasets and real-world artifact images.


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