Directional Bilateral Filters

by   Manasij Venkatesh, et al.

We propose a bilateral filter with a locally controlled domain kernel for directional edge-preserving smoothing. Traditional bilateral filters use a range kernel, which is responsible for edge preservation, and a fixed domain kernel that performs smoothing. Our intuition is that orientation and anisotropy of image structures should be incorporated into the domain kernel while smoothing. For this purpose, we employ an oriented Gaussian domain kernel locally controlled by a structure tensor. The oriented domain kernel combined with a range kernel forms the directional bilateral filter. The two kernels assist each other in effectively suppressing the influence of the outliers while smoothing. To find the optimal parameters of the directional bilateral filter, we propose the use of Stein's unbiased risk estimate (SURE). We test the capabilities of the kernels separately as well as together, first on synthetic images, and then on real endoscopic images. The directional bilateral filter has better denoising performance than the Gaussian bilateral filter at various noise levels in terms of peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR).


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